Jared BovardMy name is Jared Bovard, and I’m a software developer based in southeast Pennsylvania where I live with my wife and our five “fur kids.” I come from a background in software QA and development with the Monsoon Commerce Stone Edge Order Manager.

I am currently employed as a senior developer with a security services company, but I also offer freelance software development to a variety of clients.

Keep reading to learn more about my background and what I can do for you. Or you can view my resume or LinkedIn profile for more information.

How I Can Help You

While I can offer consulting and development services related to Java, C++, .Net, SQL, and more, my main focus areas are e-commerce software (such as order management and inventory management) and my more recent move into WordPress plugin development. While I continue to learn and grow as a PHP Web developer, I will release free and paid WordPress plugins here on my website in addition to offering custom plugin development services for clients. Contact me if you would like to discuss custom plugin development for your business or blog.


I have degree in Computer Science with a focus on languages and systems. I worked for Stone Edge Technologies (acquired by Monsoon Commerce) full-time for seven years.


“I run a media company that manages dozens of websites and blogs, along with content from multiple contributors. It’s a struggle to keep everything organized and on schedule. While I use WordPress as a publishing platform and there were already planning tools available, I needed a more robust editorial calendar solution. Jared worked with me to develop a feature list and development plan to pursue a new plugin that will not only address my needs as a Web publisher, but also the needs of other bloggers using the platform.”

– Jennifer Mattern, Owner 3 Beat Media

If you would like to discuss your own needs or project plans or hire me to develop custom solutions for your business, please contact me today.