Stone Edge Order Manager

Stone Edge Order Manager is a complex, but extremely flexible, piece of order management software that many merchants have used to automate and streamline their business processes, thus saving time and money.

Working with a software developer experienced with Stone Edge Order Manager can open new doors for you with custom reports and features or support and troubleshooting assistance.

Why Hire Me For Your Stone Edge Order Manager Customizations?

I am a former developer from Stone Edge Technologies, now Monsoon Commerce.   I’ve worked with the software for almost 8 years, learning everything I could about what goes on under the hood, as well as interacting with merchants to learn different business processes.

In that time I have supported the Stone Edge Order Manager product through tech support, express setups, custom development work, and worked on and tested features in the main software.  My top priority is making sure that merchants can be as efficient as possible in their businesses.

Order Manager Installation & Implementation

Stone Edge Order Manager is very flexible and powerful, but that means it’s also very complex.  I have 8 years of experience working with users to implement Order Manager in a way that best suits their existing business processes and advising them on the easiest processes to change to make their business most efficient with the software.

Stone Edge Order Manager Custom Reports

Reporting is an important part of running a business.  Stone Edge Order Manager has a wide variety of built in reports, but different merchants want to see things in different ways.  I have been writing custom reports for the Stone Edge software for almost 8 years.  I am intimately familiar with its tables and the best ways to get the data you’re looking for.

Custom Integrations With Stone Edge Order Manager

Stone Edge Order Manager supports a lot of integrations out of the box, but with the large selection of software out there that covers major areas, such as the shopping cart, accounting, fraud checking, and payment processing, there are times when you’ll need something supported that isn’t currently.  I can write integrations with other software if your business requires it.

Custom Order Manager Modules

Stone Edge Order Manager has many custom hooks at different places in the software that make customizing it with modules easier.  If there is functionality that Order Manager doesn’t have that you’d like to see, let me know and we can see if writing a custom module could take care of your situation.

Stone Edge Order Manager Consulting

Do you want to know how to best use Stone Edge Order Manager with your business?  Is there a feature you’re dying to know more about because you think it could improve some aspect of your business?  Do you need to know your options when dealing with business process changes? I can help with all of these because of my extensive experience with the software and years of advising Stone Edge clients about how to use the software.  I am intimately familiar with its capabilities and limitations.

Training in Stone Edge Order Manager

Turnover happens.  Unfortunately with software as complex as Stone Edge Order Manager, that may mean a big learning curve for the new guy, and dips in productivity in the meantime.  If this happens I can train your new employee on the general nature of the software, or how particular sections of it work in relation to their position in the company.

Migrations From Stone Edge Order Manager

Invariably companies grow out of software or it doesn’t meet their needs any longer.  For those moving to other systems, I am happy to apply my knowledge of how the data is stored in Stone Edge Order Manager to help ease a migration to another system.

Stone Edge Order Manager is powerful software, but has complexities because of it.  I want to use my knowledge and experience to help merchants use the software to it’s fullest extent to benefit their businesses. Contact me today for a quote.


“Jared has been a TREMENDOUS help to our business by setting-up and implementing a variety of Monsoon Stone Edge related projects. We’re a manufacturing company — far from computer people — and that’s why having someone like Jared is invaluable. He’s extremely knowledgeable, very quick, and I highly doubt that you could find a better value for the level of service that he provides. I don’t know where we would be without him.” – James Castelle, A2Z Recognition