Jul 05 2012

How Your Business Benefits From Custom WordPress Plugins

Why would you — or any business owner or blogger — contract a freelance developer to create custom WordPress plugins? After all, there are so many already out there available for for free.

And that’s great. Free WordPress plugins have their place. I’m personally a big fan of them, and I plan to release several public plugins myself. But some businesses have special needs or concerns that these options don’t address.

If you’re trying to decide between free plugins and custom plugin development, consider some of the following benefits customized options present.

Your Input

When you contract a developer, like me, to create custom WordPress plugins for your business or blog, you get input into the final product. From Day One it’s your project. You tell the developer what you want and what you don’t.

You don’t have to wait around for months or even years for the developer of a free plugin to come up with or implement similar ideas. It also means you can limit the number of plugins you use, because you won’t need different plugins to fill in the gaps.

Less Bloat

Along similar lines, many free WordPress plugins are bloated. They include things that don’t need to be there. And that can slow your website down, especially if you use multiple plugins at the same time. With custom plugin development you can make sure you end up with clean code and exactly what you want, as opposed to extras other people want (which does nothing but slow you down).

Increased Security

One problem with free WordPress plugins is the fact that they can become very popular. And the more popular they are, the more interested hackers will be in finding vulnerabilities that give them access to the sites of anyone using those popular plugins. In that sense custom plugins put your website or blog at less risk than those that are widely known. At the same time, you can discuss your security concerns with your developer to make sure your custom plugins satisfy all of them.

What custom plugins would benefit your business? Contact me today to discuss your needs and find out if a custom WordPress plugin is right for you.

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